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      Recently I bought a smart tv from LG.  It has, among a few others, 'youtube' build in. 'Youtube' works when I access it through the home page on my tv. However when I use TV's browser to access it and want to play video, it doesn't play and tv asks me to upgrade to flash player...what the hell?

          The Fleecer Level 1

          Yeah I'm the same.  The onboard portal to Youtube is rubbish, it takes you to some annoying unwanted video.  Pls fix it up LG and/or Youtube so we can update to Flash Player 10 and get on good old Youtube like normal please!

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            The Fleecer Level 1

            Oh and I love my new Smart TV it's great!

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              Thanks for replying.  I wrote an email to LG with the same question and

              here's what they told me:


              *Hello MACIEJ KOZMINSKI.


              The web browser will not allow the playing of videos requiring flash player,

              this is why the YouTube application is on the TV.


              No update for the flash player is available for the TV, should an update

              become available it will be done via the automatic software update for the




              Dave H.

              LG Customer Service

              LG Canada*


              Everything is great but:

              1) how do I know when the update becomes available?

              2) is it going to be *ever *available?

              3) should have done more research prior to buying the tv



              Maciej Kozminski


              416 - 666 - 5821

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                Hello, glad I found this answer and already with the company answer. Well, looks like we will be waiting forever because they already have the alternate youtube app.


                The solution I found is to connect the pc into it. There's is a device that can transmit hdmi wireless from pc to tv, I'm still looking for a good one. With a keyboard and mouse wireless.


                The apps on tv are nice but not pratical, any word you need to type it's like 50 button pressed, the same reason I don't like cellphones and ipads, they are not fast response.


                If you can connect the pc into it, you have everything the tv does 20 years better.

                Thanks and Good luck.

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                  Bying a smart TV was exactly the reason that I hope to be able to watch online programs WITHOUT hooking up a PC. LG's incompatibility with adobe flash player defeated my purpose. I will have to buy a notebook with an HDMI output, that's another several hundred dollars. My 42" LG LED only cost me $730 from Amazon.

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                    birlest Level 1

                    Actually if you cannot download via browser any file that needs Flash, this means you are forced to pass through the PC for videos and that you got on the TV only a sort of "text"/still frames browser...nothing more!

                    To be precise, in the user guide, they don't say that the browser does not support Flash (as stated by Dave H. of LG Customer Service in a previous post). Instead they say that the browser supports Flash 8 and previous release...detail that I checked before purchasing the TV. For me this was not an LG's incompatibility with Adobe flash player!!!

                    I am happy with the TV, but me too decided the purchase because it seemed they had a decent (according with 2011 state of art!) built in web browser. In a TV if you have a browser that cannot play video, it means it is almost useless!

                    Yesterday the firmware of my LG Smart TV was updated to 04.04.10 release. Afterwards I tried to download a file that needed Flash 10, throught the TV set browser, but I still didn't succeded. Does anyone know where, at least, to check the improvements contained in this (04.04.10) latest release? or is it just a minor upgrade?


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                      $1000.00 LG TV and a big b......s...... I am totally disappointed.:-( Pull you socks up LG and do it quick or I willnever again buy any of you products.

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                        This discussion should really take place in an LG or Youtube forum, not in the Adobe forum.


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