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    Exporting to idml - idml settings - Adobe InDesign CS5


      Hi all,



      I have a problem with exporting a file to idml.


      I created an Adobe InDesign Template file (a white paper in this case) and put some text in this template. When I want a new white paper I copy the the new text in, thus replacing the original text in the templete. So far so good.


      But when I export this new indesign file to .idml for translation purpose, this idml file still contains the original text from the InDesign template I created originally.That's very annoying for all the translators, since they will be translating the same text over and over again.


      The 3rd party software we're using to read and translate the .idml-file is Deja-vu http://www.atril.com/


      1. How to get rid of this 'legacy text' in the idml-file?
      2. And how do I change settings for the idml file?


      Hope you can help. Adobe Telephone support couldn't help me with this.


      Kind regards,