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    HTML Window Title

      Hi I need a little of help in this...
      the problem is that I make the project and the MainWindow with a title that saids "Support Tutorial"
      and then I compile to a .chm.
      Then I load the file to the NET and share it with my friends in a local network, BUT
      when they open the file the original name of the main window change to "HTML Help".

      So in my computer I can see it with the original name
      but my friends can´t see it with the original name it change.

      So there it is... thats the problem
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi .Pohl ^ and welcome to our community

          I'm guessing here that based on your forum name, you could be using different versions of Windows that maybe are using a different language?

          You may need to do the following:
          Using Windows Explorer, locate your project. One super simple way to get there fast is to examine the properties of any topic. Then click the File tab. Once there, you should have a button that will open the folder where the topic is found. This should get you pretty darn close.
          Now locate the root folder of your project. Inside this folder should be a file named ProjectName.HHP. (ProjectName will vary, depending on what your project is actually named)
          Inside the .HHP file, you should see a section that is labeled: [OPTIONS]
          Inside this section should be a line that begins with: Language=
          Make sure this line reads: Language=0x409 English (United States)
          If the line doesn't exist, add it.

          Now re-compile and re-distribute your file and see if it behaves as you want.

          Cheers... Rick
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            .Pohl_^ Level 1
            Hi thanks for the help

            I right now looking at it

            Thankyou very much!

            I hope it works
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              EileenPalsson Level 1
              We are having similar problem when we compile our newly translated HTML Help in German. Except we help authors can see "HTML Help" our own PCs, as well.

              We are using RH7.

              The project's HHP file already contained "Language=0x0409", and it didn't help when I changed it as Rick suggested to "Language=0x409 English (United States).

              The project settings state German as the language. The window properties include the correct caption. And I tried creating a new window (just in case it might help), but for some reason I couldn't add Button 1 under "Advanced Window Properties", and we have to have that. We even tried changing Windows regional settings to German before compiling, but that didn't help, either. (We used to have to change regional settings in order to be sure to get the index in correct alphabetical order of different countries, but hopefully that's no longer the case?)

              We can't figure out what to try next. Grateful for suggestions.

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                EileenPalsson Level 1
                Anyone? This is pretty urgent, as we have five language versions to solve this "HTML Help" problem in.

                Thank you.
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                  Hi Eileen,
                  In our German project, we set the language setting in the HHP file to
                  Language=0x407 Deutsch (Deutschland)
                  I guess you must add the correct language code for each country. When the code in the HHP and the regional settings on a PC match, the correct title is dispalyed.
                  Check here for the language codes:

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                    EileenPalsson Level 1
                    Hi Kathrin (and others),

                    The regional settings on my PC are English (U.S.), and that matched the Language setting in my project. This combination worked in RoboHelp x5, but in RH7 it resulted in the "HTML Help" title.

                    Years ago (back in the days of WinHelp), we had to change the Windows regional settings before compiling in order to get indexes to compile in the correct alphabetical order for each language. But with RH x5 we didn't have to.

                    After upgrading to RH7, it seems to be required again -- perhaps not for the sake of the index (I haven't checked that yet) but simply in order to get the correct HTML window title. Because I tried changing my regional settings to German and setting the Language tag in the HHP file to 0x407 (as you suggested), and it worked. Finally!

                    So I thank you very much for the suggestion.

                    However, I also want to ask the RH7 experts if this is really the way we have to do it in the future -- reset our regional settings each time we switch output language. We translate our help to many languages, and it would be a major inconvenience to have to do this each time we compile. If we find even the smallest error that is present in each language version, it adds hours to our "fix" time if we have to change our regional settings and restart our PC before compiling each CHM file.

                    What do the experts say?

                    Thanks and regards,
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                      EileenPalsson Level 1
                      I have been playing around with this and now understand Kathrin's advice in a new way: I thought that the Language setting in the HHP file had to match the regional settings of the PC when the help is compiled. In reality, the Language setting in the HHP file has to match the regional settings of the PC where the help is displayed in order for the title to appear correctly.

                      Or, more accurately (at least in our projects), no Language setting is required at all in the HHP file! The help title is displayed in the language specified in the help project IF (and only if) the regional settings of the PC match that language. Otherwise, "HTML Help" is displayed.

                      This is different than in the past. Was this really Adobe's intention?

                      I do not think it is appropriate that the title of the help window is different depending on the settings of whatever PC it's run on. To me that's like changing the title printed on the front of a book depending on what country the reader opens it in (if that were possible). What about our Swedish users -- many companies specify that the English version of Windows must be used, with U.S. or British settings. However, individuals want to use the Swedish translation of help. But in that case the title in the help window will be "HTML Help".

                      Is there any way to make the title appear the same, no matter what PC it's opened on?
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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                        Not my area but maybe this will help understanding.


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                          EileenPalsson Level 1
                          That website was informative, Peter. Thank you.

                          I'm getting the idea that this is related to the change from charset=windows-1252 to charset=utf-8 in each of the HTM files in RH7, as well as the change to <?xml version="1.0" encoding=" utf-8"?> in each project's XPJ file. I could be wrong.

                          At any rate, it appears that there is nothing to be done about this "HTML Help" in the caption for the time being. We aren't happy about it -- we want the title to display the same way no matter where the CHM file is used. So I'd be relieved if someone posted a solution or workaround here, if and when one becomes available.

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                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                            Have you registered the problem with Adobe? You won't get a response but this link will get the issue to the people who need to know.


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                              EileenPalsson Level 1
                              I have now!
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                                Rahul karn1 Level 1

                                Do you find the solution?

                                In one of the project i am facing the same problem.If you have

                                solution kindly share with us?