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    server datamerge .net crash

    wait andrew

      I am trialling indesign server


      I have successfully created a js based datamerge using the soap example


      I am now trying to do this programatically (e.g. directly interfacing with the server objects)


      In both C# and VB I am getting a crash everytime I execute the datamerge MergeRecords function.


      Below is the script I am running, with comments, if the doc.DataMergeProperties.MergeRecords("c:/temp/wibble.txt") line is commented out the script will execute fine, uncomment it and the whole thing crashes, including the server, when another function is called afterwards.


      This is driving me mad


      Any help appreciated



      Option Explicit Off


      Partial Class vbcreate

          Inherits System.Web.UI.Page


          Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load



      'Dim app As InDesignServer.Application

      'Dim doc As InDesignServer.Document


      app = CreateObject("IndesignServer.Application")


      doc = app.Open("C:/Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Server SDK/samples/sampleclient-aspnet-soap/files/template2.indd")


      '''''' Below returns 1 so OK up to here




      ds = "C:/Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Server SDK/samples/sampleclient-aspnet-soap/files/CSV/xls.csv"



      app.dataMergeOptions.removeBlankLines = True




      '''''' Below still returns 1 so still working



      ''''' the wibble file is created but then the application CRASHES




      '''''''EITHER of these two next lines will cause a crash











      End Sub

      End Class