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    i want to through error box while i am adding the same record in the DTO using flex4 mxml applicatio

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian



      i am doing flex4 web application with mxml tags,


      i   am having one text box and one datagrid and one save button. text box   having one company name, data grid having employee names.


      when i click save button which is placed in outside the datagrid it will save all the details in cloud DTO.



      Now   my requirement is text box having the same company name and when i   enter same employee name in datagrid and click save button means it wont

      allow to save that record, and through msg box with some alerts.


      this is my code:


      private function saveRecord():void
                   model.employeeDetailsReq=new EMPLOYEEDETAILS_DTO();
                       var lengthindex:uint=model.employeeDetailsReqRecordsList.length;
                       var i:int;
                       for (i = 0; i < lengthindex; i++)
                       if((model.employeeDetailsReqRecordsList.getItemAt(lengthindex).employ ee name==customerdet.selectedItem.employeename)&&
                             (model.employeeDetailsReqRecordsList.getItemAt(lengthindex).employeeN  umber==customerdet.selectedItem.employeeID)){
                           Alert.show("you cannot Add Same CustomerName and Invoiceno again");

      (when this line come the error through like this: Index '8' specified is out of bounds.





      var dp:Object=employeedet.dataProvider;            

      var cursor:IViewCursor=dp.createCursor();
      var employeename:String = employeename.text;

               model.employeeDetailsReq.employename = employeename;


      var sendRecordToLocID:QuickBaseEventStoreRecord = new
                           QuickBaseEventStoreRecord(model.employeeDetailsReq, new



      <mx:Button   id="btnAdd" x="33" y="419" enabled="false" label="Add" width="65"   fontFamily="Georgia" fontSize="12" click="saveRecord()"/>

      employeename and employeeID are datafields of datagrid. datagrid id=customerdet


      employeeDetailsReqRecordsList---recordlist of save records



      please help .

      any suggession or snippet code welcome