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    Pesky Text Box

    Dan74 Level 1

      Hi gang. I've got a dynamic text box on a movie clip that I'm using as a button (for a slider). To be specific, it's a movie clip on the stage that has a MOUSE_DOWN event listener applied to it. There's a circle in the movie clip and a dynamic text box in the movie clip right in the middle of the circle


      The text field is set to NOT be selectable, the font is embedded, buttonMode and useHandCursor are set to true. I get a hand cursor when my cursor hits the outside of the circle, but once it hits the text field in the middle, the hand cursor goes away.


      Any suggestions as to how I can make the hand cursor stick? I've considered replacing the dynamic text field with a movie clip that has a timeline full of numbers, but that would be giving up.


      Any input appreciated, thanks,

      Dan P.