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    Editing text in a scrolling DIV?

    CWM73 Level 1
      i have a site made up of DIV text boxes, with their OVERFLOW set to SCROLL. the text is black on a light blue background, but the page has a very dark brown background.

      when i go to edit the page in Contribute, i can edit the text in the box, but the text that overflows spills down over top of the dark background, making it impossible to read/edit/scroll down to. does anyone have any ideas how i can edit ALL of the text in that DIV?

      the site in question is www.alexnussbaum.com
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          Tom Benjamin
          Could you select all of the text in the scrolling div (select and do Shift + Page Down) and then copy and paste it into something else to do the editing, and then paste it back?
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            Drop the site into a DWT and use Design Time Style Sheets to change the layout at edit time. DW doesn't let you apply DTSS to all pages but CT knows a DTSS is there and as long as it is loaded on the server it will display it in edit mode.
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              CWM73 Level 1
              thanks for the response. i could cut and paste, as the designer, but i'm concerned about my clients, who are just Contribute users. that's the whole idea of Contribute, you know? to make this stuff easy for them. it's too bad Contribute doesn't keep the scrolling of the DIV intact to make editing easier...

              and i tried the Design Time style sheets, but it doesn't quite work. in DW it works no problem, then the first time you use Contribute to create a page from a template, it works, but it's when you try to go back for a second time to edit the page is when things start to not function properly. the DTSS is not recognized, and the editable area appears to be uneditable. hypotetically it works, but not in practice...
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                Tom Benjamin Level 1
                I've never tried DTSS, so I don't know about that. I have a scrolling div on a page and it is fully editable in Contribute. In a browser viewers see just the visible 1550px of the div, but in Contribute editors see the whole div. Take a look at www.crd.bc.ca/parks/pets_in_parks.htm, and see if the style there can be applied on your page. The div tag is <div style="overflow: auto; height: 1550px;">
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                  I was having the same problem - CS3 Contribute seems to float the div content so it is visible for editing but CS5 Contribute hides the hidden part. I found the fix for this for me at least was the "Element view" by right clicking the div and setting it to "Full" it then displays all the div content. Regarding the content having the same colour as the background colour I suppose you have to select the content or text and it should be visible?