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    PP: Slow play back when scrubbing and glitching when playing on new MacBookPro


      - MacBook Pro
      - 2.2 Intel i7
      - 4g ram
      - AMD 6750


      There must be something wrong with my system or i don't know of a configuration on PP that i should know? My footage staggers or has 'glitches' when i'm playing it.. sometimes it has weird white distortion randomly on the screen.. even when there is NO sound and i've only dragged the video file onto the time line, there is a static like sound in certain times and it lags.Then after i shut down PP the MBP starts to lag.


      I'm using Sony AVCHD footage, imported via iMovie which converts it to .mov (Much bigger file than original AVCHD files).. I've checked the 'Energy Saving' settings on the MBP and turned 'Automatic graphics switching' off so that the MBP only uses the high end graphics card.. and now i dunno what else to do. It's running worse than my Windows Laptop.


      But if you have a look at this guy's blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/genesisproject/2011/03/premiere-pro-on-a-mac-%E2%80%93-what-is-the- truth.html on how FANTASTIC his MBP is running when playing 4 and even 8 layers at the same time.. there is no way that my new MBP will do that as it's running **** with only 1 layer.


      If blog link doesn't work the direct YouTube video to him showing how good his MBP is, is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUyxSJUVQb0


      Any suggestions? Anything i can check??