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    3D Rotating on it's own center axis problem...


      Need some help here. This is my first time using 3D in flash.


      I have a movieclip (picture 80 x 80 pix) that I am tweening to look like it is rotating like face of a cube.


      What I did:

      1. I transformed the z-axis to "raise" the picture off of the y axis.

      2. Then I rotated it around the y-axis from one end of my tween to the other.


      Looks great when I scroll through the movie clip's time line but (starts on right almost paper thing, rotates to center square, and continues to the left again paper thin) The problem is when I place it on the stage and preview the swf, it rotates around its own center point and not the offset y-axis.


      If I convert it to frame by frame animation, it works but I don't want to do that.


      Please advise someone.