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    eLearning: Flex, Director, Flash?


      Our department is looking at updating our eLearning development platform, and there is a debate going on about what we should be using.

      A lot of our past projects have been developed in Authorware, but it is a clunky program, not well liked by most users (and with a big question mark over its future) so we'd like to upgrade to something that is a bit more 21st century. We use Captivate for some of our simpler projects, but need a tool with a bit more grunt for the really complex work.

      Flash, Director and Flex all seem to have their advantages, but will any one of them do it all? By that I mean: provide SCORM-compliant assessments, integrate with our own Learning Management database, and also provide reliable accessibility for people using keyboard navigation and or screen readers?

      If anybody has experience with building eLearning projects, your advice would be much appreciated.
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          While developing for The Ninth House Network (www.ninthhouse.com) we used primarily Director and Flash. Director for some of the more complicated simulation based interactions, Flash for most everything else.

          I architected a SCORM compliant system at the time largely through a lot of C++, J2EE, API's and wrappers. I'm working on a couple of eLearning projects now using Flex2. Flex seems to consolidate a lot of what we were doing manually, and is coming along very well.