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    OT: Distributing epub files

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      So I've been learning how to create epubs from InDesign and also about converting them to Kindle files.  I'm about to start work on our next magazine issue and will be setting up all the Articles (image export settings, etc.) as I go to create the epub files.


      Now here's my question:  Is it unusual to distribute .epub and .mobi files directly on a company website?  The thing is:  Our magazine is free for our members, so I don't think we can distribute it through the typical Amazon or Barnes & Noble methods.  For one thing, our magazine is only for our members, and I don't think you can limit distribution on there like that. But I really don't know.  I know very little about this type of publishing, only that my boss loved the sample Kindle file I made him from one of our brochures.  :-)  I've basically just been instructed to figure out how all this stuff works (thankful for lynda.com!).  I think my company would be fine just placing the completed files on our website for members to download, but I don't know how common that is (what would other companies do with free magazines in these formats?).


      The new DPS stuff looks interesting, but that looks like a big financial commitment for the necessary subscriptions, etc.  So that's probably not an option for now.


      Thanks for any input.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think it's perfectly reasonable to distribute EPUB files and MOBI files from a website. There are some reputable publishers like O'Reilly Publishing and Take Control Books which do that.


          I'd strongly suggest that you have an FAQ or Help page which provides instructions for install in the most common eReaders, however.

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              Depending on your resources, you could encourage users to sign up to have the files emailed to them.


              iPad users would be able to open the epub directly from the mail app on the iPad -- it goes right into iBooks. You need to coach Kindle users how to forward the mobi/prc file on to their free Kindle account (username@free.kindle.com), but once it's set up, they only need to essentially forward the email, and the periodical appears on their device as soon as they are in range of WiFi.


              Baen books takes the number of options to the extreme:




              But it's a good example of what's possible.

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                Hey thanks, that's really helpful!  :-)


                And wow, that's a lot of formats.  I hope I don't end up needing to make that many!  But they're only getting me a Kindle and a Nook to experiment with, so hopefully I'll only need to work with formats that those two can read.  And one guy around here has an ipad I can probably borrow.


                I'll definitely try to let folks know on the free Kindle e-mail address.  I've been playing with the Kindle (already received that one) but haven't gotten the Nook yet.  I don't know if it has an e-mail address or requires sideloading.  Lot of interesting stuff to learn about.


                Thanks, Phyllis