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    Currency options

      Could anyone help me or point me in the right direction please?

      I have a coldfusion website which displays in Australian dollars. I would like to be able to have either a drop down box or flags giving the option of showing the site in either UK or USA currency but have no idea how to set this up.
      Could anyone help me out or let me know where there might be some helpful info that might show me how to set this up?
      Any help would be appreciated


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          annabannana Level 1
          i have this currently working on my site,
          BAsic tips are
          1-choose base currency eg AUS$ - set this to a currencyRate = 1
          2-create a currency table with a currencyId and currency rate.
          3-use client/session variables from the currency table to set the user information up
          4 - then if they change the currency, simply set Price = CurrentPrice*CurrencyRate
          eg if US$ rate is 1.5
          then something that costs AUS$ 100 will cost US$150
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            <newbie /> Level 1
            Be sure to keep in mind that currency rates change periodically.

            Meaning, you may want to keep a history of the rate changes.