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    4.5.1 Licensing issue

    theMadPenguin Level 1

      Hi there,

      I am in the process of moving an app to the 4.5.1 SDK. While most of it is going quite smoothly I am running into an issue licensing the SWF we produce via an ANT script and mxmlc. In order to achieve this I am using the following:


      <property name="myproject.license.product"


      <property name="myproject.license.serial-number"

              value="111111111111111111111111"/> <!-- This is a FB 4.5 license number -->

      And within mxmlc:


      <license product="${myproject.license.product}"



      This approach has worked for me with previous versions of the SDK and note that the SWF build with FlashBuilder (using the same license) is licensed. Are there any known issues with this?

      Any help/pointers are greatly appreciated.



      ~ Miguel