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    Fireworks - never again


      Hello everyone


      I am using CS5 DW and  Fireworks.


      I  am so frustrated and digusted with Fireworks. It has been a sheer  nightmare using this program. The glitches are unbelievable and the  amount of time I have wasted on using this will never be recouped. The  financial impact to me has been is high and my clients are wondering what is taking so  long.


      Every export into Dreamweaver means that I may be in for a  surpise. I never know what I'm going to get.  Most of the time the HTML  links are non existent or garbled. The site I am working on has over 300  links. When I created the links with an underscore FW exported every  link with an extra space and therefore would not work. No matter what I  did it would not take the changes.


      Another work around was to go into the code ,once i had exported it to DW and make the changes,( like taking out the extra space in the links). in the code.  It got to the point  that  it became ridiculous and  affected down my launch date. Why would I have to do this  in the first place? What's thepoint of using FW in the first  place?


      Adding a button  was a time wasting and labourious  task. The only procedure that would work was to  go into edit pop up  menu- add the button name- click through the rest of the options until  done AND then go to file save all. If that option was grayed out after i  had added the button, I knew that my entry didn't take and i would have  to do it over again. There didn't seem to be a reason why it would  happen, it just did. Then I would have to do the same ridiculous steps  over again to insert the link. I'm really looking forward to doing this  300 more tims.


      I have used Adobe products for decades and I am so  pissed that I encouraged my boss/client to purchase this piece of ****  program.

      Unfortunately I am stuck with it because it only started happening 3/4 of the way through the project. I don't have the time to look for work arounds of other plug in


      Unless  there is a easy fix for this issue , i will never use it again and I  will recommend to my client and students that they all stay clear of  this POS.

      Why Adobe would foist this on it's faithful customers is beyond me. I do know that writing this post is a complete waste of time, that nothing will be done , but after weeks and weeks of frustration I needed to vent.