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    Is it possible to do THIS in CS5?




      I'm about to pull the trigger and purchase this for my video editing guy...but there's one key thing I need it to do, and I'm not sure if it can.


      I'll have video of a guy drawing images on a chalkboard... and then I have a seperate AUDIO of a guy talking.  I need to find someway to "fastforward" the video of teh guy drawing, so it syncs up with the audio of a different guy talking.


      For example...in the audio, a guy is talking about a family going to the park with a kite...and right as he talks about the kite, you can see in the video, the artist is in "fast forward" drawing a picture of the kit really fast AS the narrator begins talkinga bout the kite.


      Make sense?


      In other words...is tehre a way to "fast forward" the video so the viewer can SEE the video fastforwarding to synch up with some narration in CS5?


      Let me know if it's possible...