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    New laptop spec suggestions for Photoshop and Illustrator

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      Hi Everyone!

      As I am sifting through the posts regarding laptops - I figured I'd post my own as my requirements are a little different.  I am looking to buy a new windows laptop.  I work with Photoshop and Illustrator and basic office programs like outlook, word and excel.  I have CS2 but will upgrade with the new laptop purchase - so running CS5.5 (or better) Photoshop and Illustrator is required.  I may not buy the whole Creative Suite as I only use these and Acrobat.  I want to spend what is required to get the job done well - not more - but I don't want to be cheap either – my laptop needs to work well & not hamper my workflow.  This will be my only computer.  Being efficient is key.  I use Adobe to do graphics for apparel: (embroideries, prints, logos, etc.) and small business (logos, print media, etc.).  I work in actual size – so a lot of what I do is on a 20 x 30 art board.  I do not work on videos – just print media and static artwork.  Suggestions on the specs I will need and/or actual laptop models would be great.  I posted this in a few places as I am not sure which is the best place to post this.  Thanks so much for your help - it is all so confusing!



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          I have core duo 2ghz, 4gbs of ram, 1gb graphic card, 15,6' screen and all is working fine. PS, AI, ID CS5.5 with no problems whatsoever.


          Oh, I have acer aspire 5542 so you can find specs somewhere...



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            So I was reading over your post, and even though this is older and has to do with CS5, I have some information for CS6 that will be relevant to your question now that it is time to upgade the software. In general Photoshop has always been more about RAM than Processing power, though that is important too. Until CS5 it could never quite take advantage of what multi-core processors really had to offer, and even the graphics card didn't really effect much of it outside of certain features and the 3D optio


            Now that is no longer true and Adobe can effeciently use all aspects of the computer to give you much better performance.
            So much so that I was able to buy a brand New ASUS with the following specs:


            Dual Core 2.2GHz Processors
            8GB of RAM (4GB original to the machine)
            Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit OS
            320GB HDD w/ 5400RPM


            This machine not only runs photoshop CS6 and Launches in less than 5 Seconds... it can run Premier and After Effects as well, and this Laptop cost me less than $400 (on sale at Best Buy 2 Weeks Ago. You don't have to buy something this cheap, but isn't it great that you can and still run Master Collection effectively?


            You can read my details on how to buy a Photoshop CS6 Laptop, what specs you need, comparison between Mac and PC and watch the video of my Photoshop Speed Test by reading this article: