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    Drop shadow problem


      I am using drop shadows behind white text (in a transparent textbox) on top of a color background, and I am having a problem with the text box.  When the document is printed, the text box (not the whole color box behind the text) is a lighter color than the colorblock.  I need the color to come through consistently, and I would like to keep the drop shadow.  I know I must be screwing something up with the print setups because this problem is not an issue when simply viewing the exported pdf--it's only visible on the hardcopy.  When I export to a pdf, I have all colors going to process, and I'm using the Adobe PDF preset PDF/X:-1a:2001.  I think converting all colors to process might be the problem.  Also, I don't totally understand how the transparency effects work with printing, so I could be missing something basic there.


      Any suggestions or solutions would be extremely helpful!! Thank you,