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    Customizing breadcrumbs leaving global breadcrumbs intact (merged Help)


      Hello and please forgive me if this question was answereed. I've looked through various topics but couldn't find the exact answer to my question.

      From what I understand, when you enable global breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs are created based on the TOC.

      For example: a TOC like this:










         Project Child


      will create a breadcrumb for topic 101 as:

         Home > A > 101


      However, if the books A and B dob't have links associated to them, RoboHelp selects the first topic in the book as the destination of the breadcrumbs links. (i.e. A in the 101 and 102 will lead back to 101) and B in 201 and 202 will lead back to 201). What I am trying to do is make it so that the A and B in breadcrumbs link to some topic outside the book without modifying the TOC ( I want user to be able to click on A and B in the TOC and it won't modifying the topic frame but if a user clicks on A and B in breadcrubms it'll take them to the destination I choose i.e. A will link to TopicA and B will link to TopicB). Is this possible?

      The only solution so far I have come up with is created a redirection page in A and B and place it at the top of the order though this creates a redirection page a user shouldn't have to see.


      Another side issue I am having with is why doesn't the Child in breadcrumbs appear as a link in the child project? I am trying to make the Child breadcrumb to link to the start page of the child project but still allowing users to browse through te TOC and not having the child book modify the content frame. (Very similar issue to above but involes mergedproject). For this I've tried give the Child book a link associated to it but it makes it so that the Child book will always modify the content frame.