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    CS5 - Graphic with feathered edge disappears when exported to PDF

    L Hickle Level 1

      I just ran into an odd problem, and unfortunately the book got printed before we saw the problem … ugh!


      I set up a chapter header for a book. It was a graphic of wood to which I added a 0p9 feathered edge. In a text box on top of this, I put the chapter name in white type. They were both on the same layer, but the text box was on top.


      I didn't notice at the time that when I exported the page to PDF, the graphic disappeared … and since the type was white, the whole chapter header was invisible. If I opened the PDF in Acrobat Pro using Pitstop, I could select a box where it was supposed to be, but couldn't make it show up.


      I tried creating another layer and moving the text up to that; no good. The only way I was eventually able to make that darn wood graphic show up on the PDF was if I shut off the feathered edge.


      Now I know I've used a feathered edge frequently, and have never run into this problem before. Does anyone have any idea why this time should be any different? There's was no color other than black, only one layer, and nothing was set to non-printing. I used the same export settings I always use. Stumped here … and very unhappy that we missed it and printed the book without the headers (my fault for not catching it, but doesn't make me any happier).



      Mac OS 10.5.8

      InDesign CS5 (version 7.0)

      Export setting - set to print to Acrobat 8/9 compatibility (PDF 1.7) with crop marks on


      Hoping someone has some insight here. It's too late for the current job, but I'd like to know why it did it so I can avoid the problem in the future.