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    CS5 aerender.exe doesn't close after finishing a project

    Grant Vanderhule Level 1

      We're running aerender.exe from the command line on a render server. The projects we send to it are completed and produce a successfully rendered output file, but the process hangs rather than exiting automatically. At this point, Task Manager shows that both aerender.exe and AfterFX.com are still running. If another project is started, it creates a new instance of aerender.exe rather than using the existing one. If the command prompt window is manually closed, aerender.exe and AfterFX.com will also terminate.


      Here is an example of the command line being used:

      "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\aerender.exe" -project (network path)\textTest.aep -comp text -s 1 -e 30 -v ERRORS_AND_PROGRESS


      We have also tried running projects directly off of the render server's own hard drive to make sure it isn't a network issue, but the same thing happens. There are no error messages in the command prompt, and no windows pop up outside the command prompt to indicate that there was a problem. I also can't find anything related to the rendering process in the Windows event logs. It seems to me that it is waiting on input from the user, but I'm not sure exactly what input it wants.


      Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can determine why the process isn't closing correctly? Is there a flag missing from the command line we are using?