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    Indexing Questions


      I'm working in Indesign CS 5; on a project that has multiple indexes that need to be combined into one cumulative index. There are 5 volumes, each with separate indexes tagged in Word and placed into Indesign. Is there a way to generate multiple indexes with indesign's index feature? I've tried generating the indexes individually and then copying and pasting them together, but for the project each volume's index needs to be referenced in the page number by an acronym. Creating the cumulative index in this way also yielded many duplicate terms, and with an index that is over 160 pages long, I would like to find a better way to resolve the duplicates. I would like to generate the index as one combined document, however it caused indesign to crash during the process. I am wondering if there is a way to the index and sort the entries?


      I would apprecaite any help on this matter.