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    Premiere crashes when importing over a network


      I've been trying to import video files from my capture computer. Both machines are on the same domain and connected through a gigabit switch.



      Each time I import a file, the connection to the capture machine gets lost and I either have to restart the capture computer, or prove to my edit computer that the connection exists. While it's importing (or exporting if I've made it that far) I have to keep an explorer window open and continually open up folders on that networked (mapped) drive. Sometimes, I even have to play a file from there.


      Here's the details on the computers


      Capture (purchased before my time):

      Motherboard: Asus a8n32-delux

      Proc: AMD something

      OS: XP



      Motherboard: Asus Sabertoothx58

      Proc: i7

      OS: Win7-64


      Project is an NTSC DV Widescreen 48k. I'm not sure what other information you need.


      The files are about 90GB (20MB/s) blackmagic 8bit yuv avi's.