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    ExternalInterface enhancements in Flex vs. Flash

    Smitchmor Level 1
      Does anyone know if the ExternalInterface capabilities have been enhanced
      in Action Script 3 vs. 2.?

      For example, the following is located in the HTML page:
      function getFlvList() {
      var flv_array = new Array(0,1,2);
      return flv_array;

      In Flex, I use the following ActionScript:
      FLVs = ExternalInterface.call("getFlvList");
      myLabel.text = FLVs[0].toString();

      The label text becomes: 0 as I would expect...

      However in Flash 8 Pro using the following:
      var flv2_array:Array = Array(ExternalInterface.call("getFlvList"));
      myLabel.text = flv2_array[0];

      The label text becomes: 0,1,2 as if the array hasn't been passed

      Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.