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    Get Sequence's Enabled Audio Sources From Player Plugin


      Hi, I'm a video editor with some limited programming experience and I've been exploring the possibility of expanding on Premiere Pro's feature set. Nothing fancy or 3D just adding functionality. Specifically I'm looking to add the ability to playback a clip in the Source monitor and preview the audio sources selected on the current sequence. Meaning whichever audio sources are enabled in the sequence would playback along with the video in the source monitor. (Avid has this feature). I've not yet found anything in the documentation that suggests that the current sdk can allow this. I can't find any way to get "enabled or disabled" info from the sequence. In fact I haven't found anything on getting any settings or values from the sequence.


      Can someone point me in the right direction?


      I also would love to be able to add several other similar enhancements to Premiere Pro. I'm not much of a programmer. It will probably take me ages to do something an actual programmer would take just a few days to do, so I'm more than open to anyone willing to help. I do know Premiere Pro inside out from a user's point of view and would be willing to contribute to any effort in this particular direction.