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    How to Import into Lightroom 3 from Photoshop elements 8?


      I just installed Lightroom 3 and bypassed the option to import my pics from from Photoshop elements 8 (to see what other options were available.  Lightroom advanced a page and there seems to be no way to return to the previous page, I've closed the page & reopened a few times.

      I cannot locate where PSe8 stores it's files either so that is not an option.  How do I reset lightroom to import my old files?  Thank you.

      I also see "upgrade files" but have no idea what this means & don;t see it explained; seems users are to already know the software before buying it.  Thanks again!

      BTW, I have tried to avoid posts in the past with my other software so not sure how I will receive the reply - assume I'll get an email.