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    mc buttons - functions

    fire orchid
      Hi there

      I have a bit of a sticky one I think - but hopefully you will be able to see something in my code that I am missing...

      I have a menu that I am using with movie clips as buttons, and all of the functions in one frame on the first frame of the movie.

      Each "button" is not a button at all, but a movie clip, with the correct instance name, as seen in the code below (eg craftBUTTON) and they are all set at alpha 80%

      It is currently loaded as is here :


      You will see straight away what the problem is - most of the buttons seem to work ok, but then the second one keeps decreasing in alpha each time it is rolloed over, and does not increase when the mouse rolls out.

      Also, the third button increases in alpha and stays at 100%

      The code on the first frame is attached (I hope!)

      The next trouble I am having comes when I want to do an onRelease function, and the timeline does not seem to want to stop at the stop action I have on that frame - but we'll worry about that when I get this first bit fixed up!

      I am hoping that it is just something I am missing in the code, or maybe there is conflict and I need to separate the functions out..?