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    How to overlay text onto multiple inline graphic objects

    Owen Linzmayer Level 1

      I have created a catalog of banknotes which contains lots of images of paper money (sometimes hundreds of images in a chapter). Some banknote issuers insist that images of banknotes can only be reproduced legally if the word SPECIMEN is overprinted over the image at an angle. I would like to comply with these regulations if it is possible to do so without ruining the existing layout and creating a lot of extra work.


      All the the images in my catalog are inline graphics with a specific graphic object style. Is there a way to modify the objects to include the word SPECIMEN overprinted at an angle? I've looked at the various options in the Object Style dialog box and don't see an obvious solution, but figure something like this must be possible because art directors are often marking images FPO (for position only).


      Any suggestions for a simple solution are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!