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    Hyperlinks in my PDF will not work?


      Hi Forum


      I am creating a document in Indesign CS5 and setting Hyperlinks to mostly word documents that are hosted on a shared drive.


      The process seems quite simple and I have followed all the steps correctly.

      I have tested and can access the hyperlinks in Indesign CS5 by navigating to them via the palette arrow tools in the bottom left.


      The issue is that once I export the PDF - no matter what options i use - the hyperlink after clicked comes back with the error message:

      Cannot find <<file path>>

      Make sure the path or internet address is correct


      Tthe path is correct as I navigated to this path via the browse function??


      Please any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          This is the kind of problem where stripping out the file path from the error severly impairs our ability to assist you.


          There are some issues with relative versus absolute links. What OS? Are you using InDesign 7.0.4?

          What kind of link? file://? http://?


          giving us the exact information will help.

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            matthewwadeturk Level 1

            Hi John


            Thanks for your help - for some reason I cannot post back to you in the forum??


            Yes I am on 7.0.4 and on a PC running Windows 7.


            The file path is

            file:///C|/Users/mturk/Desktop/G:\Share\Thiess%2520Proposal%2520Guide%2520and%2520Resource s\Thiess%2520Services%2520proposal%2520tools\Thiess%2520Services%2520proposal%2520tool%252 0documents\TS_roles_and_responsibilities_tool.docx


            I am guessing the file:///C|/Users/mturk/Desktop/ bit should not be there but I did not navigate to this when I specified the file - I went to the address following this part of the file path???


            No matter if I only manually enter this part of the filepath into the field it still returns?