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    Can't seek to specified time

    FTQuest Level 3

      Hello there,


      In progressive video I need user to navigate to specific point in time. In FCP 7 I add Chapter markers to the clip. These markers show up in Compressor, and when I open the clip after compression (H.264) in QuickTime player, I can navigate to these markers.
      It's been my understanding that Chapter markers or Compression markers are turned into keyframes so that we can navigate directly to that point in time.

      Nevertheless, my OSMF video player ( MediaPlayer uses LightweightVideoElement ) does not see them.

      I understand that 'seek()' looks for the closest keyframe prior to requested time, but when I call 'seek()' and pass the time of the chapter/compression marker, the OSMF player chooses keyframes that are few seconds earlier than the closest chapter or compression marker; i.e. it skips the compression (or chapter) marker and goes to what it can see.


      Any suggestions as to how I can navigate to the chapter (or compression) marker using the 'seek()' method?



      Igror Borodin