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    Need to change color of a symbol with a custom slider

    NVision4D-Rob Level 1

      I'm pretty new to Flash and am not sure if it is the right app to try to do the following:


      I need to create an interactive piece. It's much more involved than this but fundamentally I need to create a slider on the left side of a window that is the color spectrum. I'll put a small triangular pointer beside it that can be moved up and down beside the spectrum. I want whatever color the slider is next to to show up in a symbol on the right. I've attached a simple image that illustrates it.


      So to restate it again, I'd slide the triangular symbol up and down beside the spectrum gradient on the left and whatever color it is pointing to would just show up in the symbol on the right, real time.


      Is this possible in Flash and if so I'd appreciate some guidance about how to start coding it? I'm not a programmer but do know and understand how code works fundamentally. I understand that Flash uses Action Script and I assume that with Action Script it's most likely possible to do this.