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    Improving rendering of animation in list - caching?




      I have a custom layout, which is very simple - it extends HorizontalLayout with an animation when you click next/back arrows. It works perfectly when I have a very simple item renderer for each of the items in the list (for example, a BorderContainer with a coloured background and one line of text) but as soon as I make the itemRenderer more complex (each item contains quite a lot of data), the animation is compromised. Various problems can be seen, such as the animation becoming jittery, or the visible item sliding off the screen and the replacing item just appearing with no animation - or no animation whatsoever.

      I have tried with both useVirtualLayout = true and false but this makes no difference at all.


      I was wondering if there's any way of caching the non-visible renderers as bitmaps and only making them live components once they are visible?


      Or any other top tips to improve the animation?