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    reader 10 Internal Error

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      I'm using reader 10 on my machine using win 7 home premium in Firefox 5. When trying to open a pdf in the browser I get an error box saying " an internal error occured" and that's  all it says. I tried the fix install, and tried to un- and re-install, to no avail. I also checked the plug-in in firefox, and it's ok. How might I fix this?

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          I've installed Adobe Reader 10.1 on 32-bit WinXP SP3 (several times), but whenever I launch it get the splash screen then always an error popup "An internal error has occurred", then AR10 shuts down.  I've used Add/Remove to Change (run maintenance repair) and tried also Remove then re-installation (with reboots in between ALL these attempts), but STILL same behaviour> An Internal Error has Occurred. I also tried method 2 (registry edit) as per http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/405/kb405220.html but none of the listed 32-bit Readre 10 registry keys exist on this PC.

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            jangar59 Level 1

            I searched the registry on my machine and none of the keys listed were there. still have the problem. I can't even launch the rader form  the desktop witout it crashing. I have tried un- and re-insalling. I un and re-installed my java. I still get this error. It's so funny reader works in Chrome but not in firefox or from the desktop? I really need to get this fixed I have to use this for school and work.