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    Magenta colour cast in commercial print


      Can anyone help with a print problem I am having at work?


      Our marketing material (brochures, catalogues etc.) are printed litho in full colour and produced in InDesign CS5 and supplied to the printer as pdf’s exported from InDesign. We have had no problems until approximately 6 months ago when we received a printed job back from the printers and there was a very noticeable shift toward a magenta hue in the images.


      This happened again when we used another printer and so we started to investigate. The pdf’s supplied to the printer do not show the magenta hue on screen and therefore are not representative of the finished job. We have quite a sophisticated in-house digital print facility and they print out fine from there. We have had our distiller settings checked and various tests done by a print expert who gets the same results as us.


      The only change we made was to the colour setting from U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 to FOGRA27. We have done a test going back to the original settings (U.S. Web Coated) and still get the magenta hue.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.