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    Print 2 in 1


      I have created an InDesign document designed to print out my recipes to be put in a small 3 ring binder.  the master page is half of a letter sized page, landscape style.  When I print one page it fills the top half of the full letter page fine.  But when I am try to print 2 recipes on one full page, it prints out re-scaled to much smaller.


      Within the Document Set UP dialog box:

      Paper size is 1/2 letter

      bleed and slug  is 0


      Within the print dialog box:

      Paper size is Letter

      Multiple pages is set at 2 in 1

      Page Order is top to bottom


      Options, scale is at width: 100% height:100% constrain proportions

      Scale to Fir : is DE-selcted


      I am sure this is a rookie problem, as I am a rookie!  Cna you help me figure this out?