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    AS textfield listener problem


      Hi, I have a weird little issue that I just can't seem to figure out.


      I have a movieclip within a movieclip which contains a textfield. The text field is using html text and has a series of lines:


      FeedbackClip.FeedbackBox.PlayerList.htmlText += "<a href=\"event:"+sortedList[i].usrId+"\">"+UserList[sortedList[i].usrId].userName+"</a><br>";


      I have a listener attached to the textfield as follows:


      FeedbackClip.FeedbackBox.PlayerList.addEventListener(TextEvent.LINK, playerSelected);
      function playerSelected(e:TextEvent){


      Now when I play this, the mouse pointer changes to a handcursor when I rollover the lines, however when I click on the line, the trace doesn't come through. Now if I take this movieclip and code and stick it in a blank fla file, it performs as expected. So it seems the code is right, but something is blocking it and I just can't figure out what it would be.


      Without wanting to stick all the code in here (it's a connect 8 program using the syncswf sdk), I wondered if anyone had come across this before and could tell me what I should be looking for? Trace in swfs is allowed, I have other trace commands coming through and I don't have anything else called playerSelected.


      Any help would be much appreciated!



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          jamerson11v Level 1

          Well I've isolated the problem, it appears to be a flex wrapper I'm using for the syncswf sdk. But not sure why that would interfere with the listener. It's only loading the swf file into the flex wrapper and making a connection to the swc.


          Adobe, please for my sanity release a syncswf swc that works with Flash Pro and not just flex!