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    Suddenly cannot edit PDF form ..... ???


      Hi all,



      I'm new to this Adobe forum, this is my first post.


      In brief, I have been using a PDF form from my employer to enter dates, hours worked, etc. etc.  With free Adobe Acrobat, I have previously been able to consistently open, view and edit the form  (i.e. enter info)  with ever-changing dates and hours worked.


      Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I cannot edit the template OR do a "Save As" from an existing file and then edit.  I have tried updating Acrobat, and I also downloaded a fresh copy of the PDF form, but nothing works.  I have gone into Adobe options etc. but I don't see anything I can change that relates to the ability to enter info into a PDF.  I can still open and view PDFs just fine, but I am now blocked from being able to enter info into the form, and at this point I have no idea why.


      Any solutions, ideas, suggestions etc. greatly appreciated.




      - Dave G.