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    Corrupt file??

    Hildeee Tislevoll

      Ok, so im wondering if i have a corrupted file.


      I use Adobe CS2 and until yesterday it was working fine. Now, when I try to open it in InDesign, a dialogue box comes up, telling me I have 2 modified links. At this point it freezes, and stops responding. I tried to do this with other files/projects, and it works fine, even the fixing of links on other files.

      I tried the same thing in a trial of InDesign CS5, and the same thing happened. It has probably crashed 60 times today when i tried to fix it...


      After 5 hours of trying, i found out that if i remove this one picture, the program tells me i have two missing links, and if i rename if back, it switches back to modified links. What makes it say it is modified? Why cant i auto-fix the links in this spesific file?


      it might have been replaced by another file because it has the same name, but if i try to replace it back to the original, nothing happens. What do I need to do?

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Open the file, select the graphic, delete it, save.

          Export to .inx (If you cannot get to the graphic, Open than export to inx)

          Open the graphic in PS or AI (or whatever is appropriate) and save a clean copy. Hide the original from yourself for a while.

          Open the inx, Save As, plave the graphic, Save.


          Host the file somewhere and included a link here if not succesful.

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            Hildeee Tislevoll Level 1

            thanks, but the problem is that i cannot open the file at all... would be much easier if i could, but it constantly freezes once it opens.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              How were you able to remove the picture before?

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                Hildeee Tislevoll Level 1

                sorry, i meant that i removed the picture that was linked,, when another file replaced it with the same name, i think it started to mess up


                and even though i know which picture is the problem, indesign wont let me switch back to that picture..


                but the real issue is,, why does the software freeze every time im given the option to "fix links automatically" or "dont fix"? Especially since its JUST that file, in both CS2 and CS5...

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  The machine I'm on right now does not have CS2 available, but my recollection is that in that version checkinig for missing/modified links on open  is not an option. It is in CS5.


                  I would try a number of things. First, empty the recovery folder for whichever version to remove any bad recovery file that might be looping you back to a crash/freeze. Second, since you seem to know what file is cusing the problem, move or rename it so ID won't find it. You have a better chance of succesfully openig the file if the link is missing and you ignore it when prompted. Third, open the problem image in the correct editing application and resave. If it's raster, save as native .psd from Photoshop, or for vector save as native .ai from Illustrator, if you can.


                  Now open the ID file, ignore missing links, then go the Links palette/panel and relink tot he newly saved version.