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    Automated Publishing: Easy Catalog vs Smart Catalog vs InData Plug-ins


      I'm working on automating the workflow on a regularly produced newspaper advertising insert that includes hundreds of products. We will be creating a UI that pulls data from my clients substantial retail product database. Each product also includes at least one image..


      I'm wondering if anyone has evaluated the various plug-ins available and done a product comparison. The plug-ins I'm considering at the moment are Easy Catalog, Smart Catalog and InData.


      I like Easy  Catalog's ability to reverse update the database from changes made  within InDesign, and they have better demos than Smart Catalog. However  without direct experience using and comparing the three plug-ins, it's  hard to determine which is the best product.They have free demos available, but that requires a substantial time commitment in learning and experimenting with all three.


      Does anyone know if any side-by-side product comparisons that  have been  done?