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    FB_4.5:"Source could not be found for flash.sensors.geolocation.." . airglobal.swc

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      I´ve FB 4.5 for PHP and I´ve add SDK 4.5.1 as said the next link :




      On my mobile project I use Geolocation:


      When I try to run the mobile project , don’t work.


      I´ve note that from FB in Package Explore, select my and I can to see the airglobal.swc  library , under: My proyect -> Flex 4.5.1 -> airglobal.swc. This library it look that are linked and  I can to see your packets such as: (default package); adobe utils ;  avmplus and  flash , but when I click on one of them, i.e : airglobal.swc->flash->sensors


      and I try to open geolocator.abc , appear a popup ( Code Navigator error) that said:


      "Source could not be found for flash.sensors.geolocation in D:\Archivos de programa\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\sdks\4.5.1\frameworks\libs\air\airglobal.swc"



      If I go to this path in my HD, it exist and I  can see the airglobal.swc and Geolocation.abc files, but it look that FB don’t see L . It could be the problem?.


      How I can to resolve?. Any idea?.


      Thank you!