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    setting component state properties from actionscript




      i have a list itemrenderer with a few labels and an image in it.  i want to pull the colors for the various states of the labels from a stylesheet.


      i store the colors in the itemrenderers preinit event handler:


                  protected function itemrenderer1_preinitializeHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
                      // read the colors from the stylesheet
                      this.descriptionNormalColor = getStyle("descriptionNormalColor") as uint;
                      this.descriptionHoveredColor = getStyle("descriptionHoveredColor") as uint;
                      this.descriptionSelectedColor = getStyle("descriptionSelectedColor") as uint;


      normally in mxml i would use something like this to set the colors for the various states:




      however, i usually try to avoid using bindings for things that are only set once. in my item renderer i might have 5 or 10 bindings to set all the colors * 10 or 20 list items visible at once = tons of unnecessary bindings.


      is there a way i can set these state properties through actionscript?