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    Why does Premiere Pro blue-screen if Windows Audio Service is enabled?

    davidpet2 Level 1

      Since I enabled ASIO in Premiere Pro, I have to remember to disable the Windows Audio Service before starting Premiere Pro, or else it will blue-screen at some point, usually after I pause playback of a video clip.  It only happens in ASIO audio mode, and completely goes away if I disable Windows Audio.  Something is interacting badly between the Premiere Pro ASIO driver and the Windows Audio service.  The error message has something to do with USB host or something like that...I don't have it in front of me right now.


      I tried to create a batch file to disable the service, then run Premiere Pro with "start /wait", then re-enable it when premiere is closed, but Premiere Pro cannot be run by that command, unlike every other executable I've ever used it on.  It just doesn't come up.  So I tried with a Powershell script instead, and when doing the equivalent in Powershell, Premiere Pro starts, but the window is blank and hangs forever until you kill it by clicking the X.  I would be fine with a scripting workaround, but Premiere Pro is really really really resistant to that apparently, so my only option is to remember to disable it manually EVERY SINGLE TIME.  It's just annoying when I forget to disable it and then I lose work, and probably hard drive clusters, when the blue-screen comes.  And if I want to export something to another program in the suite that doesn't use ASIO, I won't be able to play audio without closing Premiere and fiddling with the service.


      Here are the specs that might be relevant:


      -Windows 7 x64

      -M-Audio FastTrack Pro sound card (usb) [latest drivers]

      -12 GB RAM

      -Intel core i7

      -gtx 460 video card with the ini file CUDA hack