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    Random FLV from an SMIL Playlist

      I have been trying to find a way to randomly select an flv file to play in a 400x100 signature I have for some of my forums. There is no user control on this swf besides onRollOver to start the flv and onRollOut to pause it. What I want to achieve is whenever the swf is loaded that it will randomly select an flv from a playlist. From what I have read, SMIL is the best format to use with FLVPlayback. All I should be needing to do is typing in the SMIL URL into the concenturl inside the properties of the FLVPlayback. However, this doesnt work. I also haven't a clue how to actually randomize it. I could not find anything regarding the required code used in SMIL to randomize the playlist.

      Any help, hints and clues would be very appreciated as this has stumped me for quite some time.