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    Stroke on Font does not Display Crisp in Digital PDF


      I have a situation where I need to use stroke to bold a characters instead of using a bold font. Every time I use the stroke on a font, in the Digital PDF, there is some white space between the character and the font (see below). It does print fine but it is really ugly and unacceptable for a digital PDF. I have tried changing settings in Acrobat and also tried all the options for applying the stroke but nothing is changing the whitespace. I understand InDesign uses tiny lines to make a stroke, so it may not be rounding the corners of the font correctly (font is 8 pt. so kinda small but even larger fonts seam to be having the issue too)? Is there a way to change this or a work around? Using InDesign 5.5 and Windows 7.

      Region Capture.pngRegion Capture2.png