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    Conversion problem moving from CS3 to CS4 - adding files to book

    czigany Level 1

      I had a script which was working beautifully in CS3. Now we've moved to CS4 and it refuses to cooperate with me. I've tried a solution offered on the forum but it's not working for me.


              // Creating book

              var myBookFileName = myPath+"Personalized Modules/PW.indd";
               myBookFile = new File( myBookFileName );
              myBook = app.open( myBookFile );
               myBook = app.books.add( myBookFile );
              // Add the front cover
              myFilename = myPath+"Personalized Modules/PW_Cover.indd";
              myFile = File(myFilename);
              myBook.bookContents.add( myFile);


              // Add the rest of the individual files



      For some reason, when it gets to the bookContents.add statement, it opens up a SaveAs dialog. I'm wondering if this is a setting within InDesign CS4 rather than a script issue.


      I'd really appreciate any idea.