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    Running app inside CS5 debugger slow to point of unusability

    Lennard Feddersen

      I have been using CS4 Pro since last Fall to create an arcade dungeon RPG game (Dungeon Brawl).  Worked well enough but was unable to get a preloader working - it would work locally but on the web it would preload everything then start my preloader animation... Long story short I tried Flash Develop at the urging of some programmer acquaintances.  Got a preloader working there but found debugging to be slow and did not like Flash Develop as much.  Have recently downloaded the CS5 trial and now my debugging in CS5 is also very, very slow.  If I run the created SWF outside of the debugger it turns fine.  This issue has just cost me about 4 hours of productivity and I can find no answers on the web that solve my problem.  I can't see buying CS5 at this point and don't know how I can make the mod's I need to make in Dungeon Brawl using this debugger.  Have turned off trace statements, switched to running Flash Player 9, Flash Player 10.2 (which seemed to have solved the problem for several minutes and then my mouse locked up).  I'm running Windows 7.