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    Looking for someone to write custom Premiere plug-in



      I am looking to find a programmer with a working knowledge of writing  plug-ins for Premiere to write a custom plug-in for Premiere CS5.

      The plug-in is extremely simple. It will be a Video Effect that can be  applied to a clip on the timeline. It has one control that slides the  top half of the clip to the left and the bottom half of the clip to the  right; by a user defined number of pixels.  However the plug-in then  needs some kind of global control that allows the user to change the  functionality of ALL instances of the effect in the current sequence -  so at a command they slide the ENTIRE image left or right, and not just  the top/bottom half.  This could even be implemented by writing 3  plug-ins and shutting down Premiere, substituting the plug-in file on  disk and re-starting it.

      The reason we want this is that it will enable us to handle changing the depth of stereoscopic 3D clips in a Cineform workflow.

      This is a paying job and anyone interested should email me at ben@redstar3D.com I can supply more detailed information about the functionality if needed.