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    Packaging problem with Arial small capital


      Hi there,


      I'm busy with my first real grafic assignment and I'm having trouble with my InDesign cs5 document. The same document in CS3 (I skipped cs4) had no problem.


      The steps I make:

      - preflight check is ok

      - I open the package window, it's al ok

      - press the package button

      - then 'next' on the press instructions

      - I choose a folder and press ok

      - A warning appears. something about restrictions to copy or use a font software for a service provider and trouble with the copyright. (too bad I have no restricted font, I use only Arial regular and in small capital)

      - I press ok to ignore it

      - The package is made and it al looks good until I open the indesign document I just packed. The small capital text has changed in regular. The small capital button does not work anymore in this document, so I can't change it back to small capital again.


      When testing with an other document and more fonts the same problem occurs.

      The first version of my assignment (made in cs3) had no problem with the package tool.

      The only forum in the direction of this problem is here but I haven't got any idea what to do.


      Could anyone help me? Did I do something wrong or is it a cs5 bug?


      Thanks in advance.