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    Colorista still sluggish in PPro :: OR: How to copy & paste it's settings from AE to PPro


      I'm using the Colorista II 1.02 demo in PPro und AE CS5.5, latest Updates installed.

      My system is osx 10.6.8 on a 2010 Macbook Pro (2,66 ghz i7, 8gb ram, geforce gt 330m with 512 mb vram)


      my 2 questions in short:

      a) is anyone else still having problems with colorista II in PPro CS 5.5? It's really sluggish on my system.

      b) has anyone found a way to copy colorista settings from ae to ppro? if i do that it looses it's settings, while copy & paste from ppro to ae works just fine.



      more details:

      in after effects i really really love colorista, it's responsive and all. i move a slider and while moving it i can see what it does to my picture.


      in premiere it's really sluggish. i move a slider and it takes about a second to see the changes reflected in the picture, thus it's impossible for me to do fine adjustments. (it might be ok for one clip, but correcting a whole timeline with that delay is just killing me)


      i read this was supposed to be corrected in some cs5 update, but for me in cs5.5 it's still not usable. anyone else still having this problem?


      i know i could finish the editing in premiere and then open the project in ae to do my cc, but that way i can't make changes in premiere anymore, so that's not what i'm looking for. i want to end up with one single premiere project containing my edits as well as the cc-stuff.



      an alternative i could live with would be to open the clip in after effects, cc it there and then copy the plugin settings from ae to premiere, but that's not working either. i mean i can copy and paste a layer from ae to premiere. that gives me the clip in premiere, it even transfers the colorista-plugin, but not its settings. while if i copy and paste a clip from premiere to ae it transfers the plugin as well as it's settings just fine. (i tried with colorista)

      saving in after effects as premiere project also doesn't transfer the plugin-settings.


      dynamic linking doesn't cut it for me either. (because so far if i transfer the whole timeline i end up with a single long clip in either ae or ppro and i can't get it to play in realtime without skipping frames even with no fx applied, i'm talking about ProRes files)


      anyone any idea?