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    Login Form

      I am creating a flash/sql login form. When the identity of the user is confirmed in the data base, the flash file advances to the next frame. That next frame is set up to load a swf movie on top of the base level.

      My question is: Is there a way to take the "username" from the form's user input box and add it to the extension .swf

      in other words:

      } ifFrameLoaded (1) {

      loadMovieNum ("username.swf", 10);

      How would I write that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          jonnybennett Level 1
          I'm not totally sure what you are trying to do, but once the username has been verified, couldn't you simply put the username into a variable.
          For eg. the user is called 'steve'.
          They send their login details to a php? script. The user is verified. The script sends back the username to flash. In our example 'steve'..


          loadMovieNum (userName+".swf", 10);

          I haven't tested this but I think it should work... it works for loadMovie.