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    Videos Work in Cs3 but not Cs5?


      I purchased cs5 so that i could stop using cs3 but it seems that his has become a bad idea to invest so much money in the program, Im not complaining Im just statting that it isn't fair that cs3 seems to be handling AVI files better than cs5.


      So far I found that when I purchased cs5 two weeks later there was cs5.5 wanting me to pay for it again...

      Then I noticed Some of my avi files that work in cs3 no longer work in cs5, i don't know if this is codec licensing problems or what.


      Some problems I have had is that My videos that would play in cs3 would have problems with the audio not appearing on the timeline or I would get videos with audio but a solid black screen, also my divx videos worked perfectally in cs3, But I thought it would be so much better once I upgraded to cs5.


      The workflow is smooth and everything but the codecs in cs5 make it almost usless for editing Divx, avi, mkv, and several other file types that i don't even use.


      After doing alot of research Im still left with a New cs5 that became obsolete two weeks after purchasing it and a program that continus to tell me "Unsupported format or damaged file"


      Can anyone exsplain why cs3 works better than cs5 as far as video formats? and i don't mean avchd files or anything like that Im talking about the file formats that have been around for years and why were they removed from cs5?


      Also some of my files that won't work in cs5 play the picture perfect but theres no sounds on the timeline